Triathlon Tri-ple Crown Digest

Triathlon Tri-ple Crown Digest

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Triathlon Tri-ple Crown Digest

It has been over 3 weeks since the finale of my “Tri-ple Crown” the Kona Ironman World Championships.  As the title of this blog would suggest, I have been slowly trying to swallow a season that hasn’t quite been what I desired.

Time and distance don’t always provide answers but do inevitably allow a clearer view of the entirety of a season.  Over the next week, I will release a recap of each part of the Tri-ple Crown starting with my race in Hyvee 5150 Championships, moving on to the 70.3 World Championships, the Ironman World Championships, and finishing with a summary of everything I learned this year that will help both you and me in our 2015 season.

My triathlon triple crown started with the ambition to toe the start line at the three biggest championship races in non-drafting triathlon.  But of course I had my personal goals to get a top ten in Hyvee, a top five in 70.3 Worlds, and a top 3 in Kona.  I scrappily managed to achieve the first two goals but fell quite short of my final goal.  As always, the results don’t tell the full story so I’ll cover all the gritty details in my race reports.


If you played in my Tri-ple Crown Contests, Don’t forget to check my Facebook fan page to see if you are a BIG winner and thank you for playing!


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