First Endurance HP Optygen: My Case Study

Posted on Mar 22, 2011 in Training Tests, Training Updates

As the triathlon season gets into full swing with training and soon to be racing.  I started taking First Endurance HP Optygen daily in early February.  I wanted to wait six weeks before reporting on the results.  Over the past six weeks, I have been duly impressed with how my body has responded as i have increased my training stress and i think that has a lot to do with First Endurance HP Optygen. After a hectic holiday season, I didn’t rush into training this year but rather used january to just build my fitness and consistency.  When I started to get the 2011 season training underway in February, I started using First Endurance HP Optygen.  As started to increase volume and intensity, my body broke down but definitely not in the way it did last year.  Last year, I became very overtrained and struggled to stay healthy.  But for once, I didn’t catch that inevitable winter cold or flu bug but remained relatively healthy.  In addition to this, I had consistent training without facing the usual tiredness and soreness that plagued me at least once a week last year.  At the end of February, I headed out to Krabi Thailand for a Team TBB camp stocked up with plenty of First Endurance HP Optygen and multivitamin.  Unlike last year where I caught something on just about every trip, I managed the 30 hour journey without catching a bug.  Then, I jumped straight into intense training over the last three weeks.  With the help of First Endurance HP Optygen, I have responded very well to the training load and been feeling great despite the demands I have put on my body.  The recovery from training definitely seems faster, and during back-to-back hard sessions and training days my body has been durable and resilient.  In years past, I have been inconsistent with my nutrition and wanted to make a change.  With the help of First Endurance, I have finally started to take my training, racing, and daily nutrition to a higher level.  While I don’t think that First Endurance HP Optygen is the only reason that my training has been progressing so well, I do think it has definitely been an asset.  As a pro, it may give me that extra 2 % that i need to win a race instead of finishing 5th.  In addition, with professional drug testing, I need to be sure any vitamins and supplements are tested and don’t contain any banned substances.  With a company like First Endurance, I don’t have any concerns and trust in all their products.    In the scheme of my training program, the easiest workout is taking that First Endurance HP Optygen with my First Endurance multivitamin.  Make it one of your goals this year to take your nutrition more seriously.  For that, I don’t think you need to look...

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