True Love: A Girl & Her Saddle

True Love: A Girl & Her Saddle

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True Love: A Girl & Her Saddle

There is one tiny but all-important piece of equipment that holds the majority of my weight for the majority of an Ironman.  That is my saddle.  Saddles are a very personal. In fact, it may be the most personal decision you make in the sport. For me there is only one. It is the Cobb Fifty Five JOF.

I have been racing triathlon since 2006 and when I started I didn’t realize how vital this one small piece of equipment is to being comfortable and fast on the bike.  So, tried many of them – and I struggled. I recall having to tilt my saddles downward or swapping them every few weeks just to recover my sore spots.

In 2011, someone introduced me to John Cobb, and I rode my first Cobb Saddle. The revelation was immediate. It was different. My “delicates” were happy. In the past three years, I have always used the Cobb PLUS saddle and I loved it.  But, I kept testing.  Jon recommended that, because of body and the way I am positioned on the bike, I should test the new Fifty Five JOF model. I immediately felt that is was the best fit for the way I am positioned on the bike now.

It’s amazing how much a simple decision like this one can affect results. So, while I know the decision is personal, I encourage you to test as many saddles as you can and never overlook this vital piece of equipment.  It is really the one thing between you and the road for all those hours of training and racing.  You should love it the way I love the Fifty Five JOF.

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