I Love It!

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I Love It!

Can’t believe it is Valentines Day and I am in Panama getting ready to race my first event of 2014 this weekend!

It seems so early to be racing and as expected the field is stacked.  So I am a bit nervous and excited as I anticipate the pain and excitement of getting back out there on the race course for the first time healthy since August. (I was in Kona trying to race in October but in retrospect I was not really healthy and was unable to really go after the race in my condition.)


Besides being a bit rusty in racing, I just discovered I am also a bit unpracticed at traveling and packing! I got halfway to the race and realized I forgot to pack my Rudy Project helmets.  I didn’t pack any helmet not my road or TT helmet.  I guess that is what so many hours on the Turbo without a helmet does – besides turning your brain to mush, it also makes you forgot one tiny bit of equipment.  When packing I hadn’t worn a helmet in weeks so forgot about that important little item.  Maybe I should start wearing my helmet on the trainer!

Training has been going great with Siri and the crew back in Boulder.  I am really enjoying living at home with Keiki and Eric instead of being on the road all year.  But going from running in snow last week to running in Panama is going to be quite a shock to the system. I am sure to be in for a hot and nasty race this weekend.  Bring on the suffering that is what we love right!

Keep an eye here for my race report after the race!!!   photo(18)

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