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As my time in Thailand draws to a conclusion, I am starting to get nostalgic about my time here and what I will miss most. Of course we all grumble about the things we don’t like namely the rain along with what and who we miss at home. But deep down I think everyone has some Love for Krabi. Here are the top ten things I am going to miss:

10. No driving! At home, I spent so much time driving here and there to the pool to the track to the store, etc. But here in Krabi, it is nice not to spend so much time sitting in traffic and to do all my commuting by bike.

9. Thai food. While I must admit, I am starting to get a bit tired of Thai food. It has been amazing and when I get home the Thai restaurants will be a pale comparison to what we have here.

8. No housework. Unlike at home where there is always a list of chores to be done, here I don’t have to cook or clean unless I want to for myself. It is nice not to have a list of things I should be instead of resting.

7. The one movie channel. Without any choice in TV, it makes it easy to decide what to watch every night. If I don’t like the one movie option, I just head to bed sooner or read. Instead wasting time with hundreds of stupid TV options I only have one so it is much simpler.

6. Thai massage. For $8 us dollars, you can get an amazing massage here. At home, I pay seven or eight times that for a great massage.

5. Free time. At home, it seems like I am always rung around from one thing to the next without any time to just sit back and relax. But here I manage to get in a god rest between sessions and feel like I am able to make the most of every workout.

4. The Big C. Where else can you eat at KFC, clothes shop, get a donut from Donut Time, and do all your grocery buying. Plus it provides a needed outing when the going gets tough.

3. The Tawantai Hotel! May and the rest of the hotel staff have been so nice and helpful dealing with us and our bikes and smelly shoes. And they have all gone out of their way to make our stay as easy as possible. Plus, living in a hotel has its advantages with laundry and cooking done for us.

2. The Thai people. Everyone here has been so nice and welcoming. Wherever i have gone, the people in Thailand have been so friendly. Even the cars on the road don’t seem to want to run us over as much as they do at home.

1. The Team! I am going to miss training daily with Doc, all my team TBB teammates, and the Swiss crew. It definitely takes your training to a new level when you get the opportunity to swim, bike, and run with so many great athletes.

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