Dealing in Krabi

Posted on Mar 19, 2011 in Ramblings, Training Updates | 0 comments

 Thailand has been an eye-opening experience for me so far. Besides experiencing a new culture, I am embarking on a new adventure in my triathlon career with this opportunity to train as a part of Team TBB. As the training heats up, literally and figuratively, I know it will be great to have such an amazing team of athletes to learn from and try to chase down. With a little over one week in the books, I am already starting to feel fitter and stronger physically and mentally am finally enjoying the sport again for the first time in a long time. There few times in life where I have really had to look in the mirror and deal with my own crap. Here in Thailand I not only literally have to face it some of the non-flushing you flood it down yourself toilets but also face head-on the other issues that have held me back in triathlon and life. Instead of dithering about in a tizzy of stress and sweating all the small stuff, I am endeavoring to follow orders, turn off my head, and stop constantly second guessing myself. Maybe Nike has it right: Just do it. Their slogan isn’t try to do it or think about doing it or research the ways you could do it. It is simple, direct, and right on the money.

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